To Market, To Market!

The Edmonton City Market Downtown is back outside on Jasper and 104st starting Saturday, May 18th and we can’t wait!  This market has had a special place in The Newget Kompany’s heart since the summer of 2007.

This is where Newget made its first appearance in a market setting, and this summer will mark the sixth year that Newget has participated in the Downtown Market.   We’re just as excited for this Market season as we were for our very first.  Newget has many wonderful retail partners, but the Market is truly our home.

You may have found yourself wondering how Newget gets to the market every Saturday.  You see us there, and you marvel, “Where have you been all my life??”

Well, here are the steps to the market process, from the melting and blending of the ingredients to the delight of you enjoying your new favourite treat:

1.  Newget is created in a top secret facility in east Edmonton. The chocolate is melted down and ingredients are blended to make the vats of our seven favourite Newget flavours.  Once blended, the molten mixtures are poured into slab forms to cool.Newget Elves (our cooks!) White Berry Blast - Ooey Gooey! White Berry Blast - getting there! White Berry Blast - that;s more like it!

2.  Once cooled, we take the slabs and slice and dice them into ‘two bite’ sized pieces and bars.

Feb 2012 Pile of Newget PROOF_83b

3.  Then we weigh, package, sticker and label, oh my!

 Cello bags! Newget Bars

4.  As soon as our perfect little packages are assembled and inspected, we box the little soldiers into crates.   And then we march them off, along with all our other market tables and tents and props, to the city market space, bright and early Saturday mornings.


5.  We beautify our market space, set up the display and get samples ready.

Newget at the Market Newget Samples newget (6)

6.  The day is then spent with lots of smiles and chatting while freely plying strangers with samples of delicious Newget.

Mooney Mooney and Michelle Mooney plying strangers

7.  You buy and enjoy Newget while wandering the vendors of the City Market Downtown.

City Market Newget Packing Up

8.  After the day is done, we pack up the remaining Newget and head home to review activities of the day, where hopefully we’ve made new friends and fans.

Market After-Party Market After-Party Market After-Party

There you have it, eight easy steps to delicious snacking!

We really do love the market setting because it’s an environment where we get to meet our customers face to face.  It’s where fans become friends.  We hope to see you at the Downtown City Market on 104th Street this summer.

And we suggest that you bring yourself a coffee, it just pairs so well with Newget.  Wine has cheese, coffee has Newget, and Newget has the Edmonton City Market Downtown.

See you this summer, friends!

Love, Newget


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