To Gift & To Serve!


Between all the office potlucks, festive dinner parties, and get togethers just because, December is holiday party central. It can get pretty hectic and overwhelming very quickly.

But don’t stress! Here are some quick and easy ideas from Team Newget!

Hostess gifts!

Bars, Jars, and luxury cars… All are wonderful and luxurious gifts to bring to the host/hostess of the next Holiday party you attend to say “Thanks for sharing your home!”. Maybe only two of those options are really appropriate, so we strongly suggest you keep it simple with some tasteful Newget. Sliced Newget is the easiest to snack on, but we have many other options with more panache and ribbon to create something special and memorable .

Pro Tip:  Ribbon makes every gift more fancy.



Treats to Serve!

Whether you’re having guests over yourself or you need a tasty treat to bring into the office, Newget is always a festive guest to bring along. Some sliced Newget will really settle in sweetly amongst the many other delicious treats. Serve it on its own, or alongside some sliced cheese and fruit. Easy-peasy!

Newget & fruit platter



Now, didn’t that all sound like something you could put together with your eyes closed, and your hands tangled in wrapping paper & scotch tape?  Yes, yes it did.

If you need any other ideas, or supplies of Newget, we’ll be at the Downtown Farmer’s Market this Saturday at City Hall, from 9am to 3pm. So come by and pick up some of your favourite flavours of Newget, for gifting or for snacking!

And don’t forget our seasonal flavour, Perfect Pear, is only available until the end of the year!  We think it’s the perfect blend of white chocolate, pistachios, almonds, dried pear, and rosemary.



See you this weekend!

Love, Newget

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