The evolution of Newget packaging.

Did you know that before newget was The Newget Kompany it was a Christmas holiday tradition that Michelle started with her Mom? Yes, Newget was one of the many sweet delectables that the blonde duo would bake up in a Merry Winter’s storm of chocolaty treats for many holiday seasons.

And did you also know that when Michelle first started making Newget for her friends & family, she was using Saran Wrap and sandwich bags for packaging? And we’re not even talking about the sandwich bags that had zipper closures; these were just the ones with fold over tops.

This is the modern tale of Newget’s very humble packaging evolution.

With our market and retail packaging we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping it simple. At first we started with a basic fold over cello bag with a sticker as a closure, then moved on to self sealing cello bags. The self stick-em bags had been serving us very well for quite a while. But now that we’re expanding into more retail opportunities we’ve been looking for something a little more professional. Something that demonstrates how far we’ve come from our humble holiday beginnings. Something that would give TNK a stronger and sharper Brand for the retail environment, and something that would make for both a fresher product and a fresher image.

And, something with a zippered closure.

We still have all the same irresistible Newget flavours.  We’re just a little bit fresher, and a lot more stylish.


With a modest start of everyday food bags, it’s easy to see how Michelle became so enamoured with packaging options. The Newget packaging floor was at one time full to the rafters with various options. Asian take out containers! Tubes! Small, medium and large cubes! Organza bags! Tins! Small, medium and large boxes! Gift baskets! Christmas ornaments that open! Wooden pocket thinga-ma-jigs! And ribbons. Don’t get us started with the endless options we have for ribbons.

All those gift packaging options sound overwhelming, don’t they? We’ve streamlined our gift offerings to keep it simple. And classy.

Paint Cans (500g) $40

FullSizeRender (1)

Stackable Tubes (100g) $11/each

FullSizeRender (2)

Jars (250g, 500g, 1kg) $20, $35, $70

FullSizeRender (3)

Cello bags with ribbon (150g, 300g, 450g) $11, $22, $33

FullSizeRender (5)

Where can you find us this holiday season? Not only can you find us at our online store, but here are five markets we’ll be participating in this year:

  1. The City Market Downtown is moving indoors to Edmonton City Hall starting October 17th, 2015. You’ll be able to find The Newget Kompany at City Hall for the rest of 2015: October 24, November 7, 14, 21, & December 5, 12. 2016 appearances TBD!

  2. Royal Glenora Club Gift Show November 22, 11160 River Valley Road

  3. St. Albert Country Fair on November 21-22, at City Hall, St. Albert

  4. North Pointe Trade Show, November 21, North Pointe Community Church, 14025 – 167 Avenue, Edmonton

  5. We’ll be at the Make It! Craft Show in Edmonton Nov 26 – 29 at the Northlands Expo Centre.

As you can see we’ve come a long way. And we’d like to go a little further. With you. To your house. You bring wine, and we’ll bring.. Us.

What are you waiting for? Pick us up and take us home already.

Love, Newget

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