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Summer Lovin’!

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Summer; AKA: a great time to grab some pals, get the heck out of the city and head to the mountains for some camping, hiking and other such wilderness adventures. I believe this is one of Michelle’s, the Chief Artisan and mascot of The Newget Kompany, favourite things to do.  Though, you’d never guess this, judging by her often immaculate hiking boots and well cleaned gear. Honestly, to know Michelle is to know a tale or two of an adventure gone humorously awry. Like the time she took a wrong turn and accidentally found herself, and her designer shoes, on an off road hike!

My personal favourite tale of Michelle’s hiking adventures, is the one that I learned of shortly after joining the Newget team. A fellow Newgeteer and I were doing a little research into the origin story of the founding of the Newget Kompany. It took some good natured cajoling and some persistent nagging, but we got to the bottom of the story.


“The year was 1989 and we find young Michelle, with feathered hair and shoulder pads, growing up in Edmonton with the dream of one day joining the Tobias family Monster Truck Racing team with her very own rig, “Big Betty”. But little did she know destiny had other plans for her…

On a spiritual journey through the Japanese Alps, she hiked and explored and discovered the beauty of the mountains. She also got lost. Really, really lost. She claims that just as she thought she’d never find her way back, she stumbled upon the habitat of an ancient Snow Monkey.  Michelle insists that it was this Snow Monkey – her “Sensei” – that taught her the ancient ways of the social purveyor – generosity, kindness, fun-ness, and the art of making the perfect martini. (But we know the real story: that she was discovered passed out from hunger and fatigue on a trail just outside of a small village by a group of German tourists, about 20 minutes after she left the visitor center).” *


Of course Michelle made it back to safety and then on to further adventures – even such romantic adventures as attending a wedding or two. After all, it was actually at a wedding that she first met a candied dessert that would inspire her creation of The Newget Kompany.

Would you like to know what the worst part is about Michelle’s story of getting lost in the wilderness? Not having any snacks! Dehydration is important to avoid, but everyone knows that the fatigue and frustration from hunger is much more irritating! There are creeks and rivers that run through the rocky mountain trails that can help satisfy thirst in a pinch, but nothing ruins the majestic beauty the mountains like a growling tummy.

The lesson learned is clear: All great adventures, either the romantic or the daring, must come with snacks! So when you head out of the city this summer, in case of misadventures on your journeys, please bring snacks. Don’t let hunger impair your sense of direction!!

Not only does Newget love hiking, but it also makes a great Trail Mix additive! Either grab a bag of sliced pieces or slice up a bar yourself and add some Newget to your favourite medley of nutritious snacking bits – like dried fruits: raisins or apricots or cranberries or cherries or blueberries, and nuts: peanuts, sunflower kernels, whole almonds, or pecans. You can even spice up the mix with some pieces of dried candied ginger.

So if you’re anything like Michelle, you know the joys of a good adventure – from getting lost in the woods to a random gathering of your favorite people. In either case, Newget will always make an excellent addition.


Love, Newget



* Believe it or not, this is a work of fiction. Places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental…and hilarious.



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