Frequently Asked Questions

We'll do our best to answer


Do you have a retail store?


You can shop for Newget on this site and have it delivered direct to you. We can also buy Newget from one of our retail partners, and from us at the various farmers’ markets, trade shows and crafts shows we visit.

Do you make Newget yourself?


Our professional culinary team produces our Newget in a commercial kitchen.

Can you create gifts items for my staff/clients?


Absolutely! You can shop for Newget online, or contact us directly so we can customize your corporate gifts to include your logo or corporate colours.

Is Newget gluten free?


Yes, Newget is a gluten free product.

What is the best way to eat Newget?


Share it with your favourite friends.
Serve it with your favourite cheese.
Pair it with your favourite wine.
Dip it in your favourite coffee.
Give it away as a gift (after you have eaten a bag all for yourself!).

How do you store Newget?


Ideally, Newget is best enjoyed immediately. Newget does not need refrigeration or to be frozen. Newget is best kept in a cool, dry location (approximately 15-20 degrees Celsius) until you are ready to enjoy.

Is Newget good for me?


We think that a little bit of chocolate indulgence from time to time is a good thing. For full nutritional information, please click here. If you have further questions about Newget, contact us.