Newget’s Cousins Around the Globe

You know and love Newget as Newget. But leave Alberta and travel anywhere else in Canada or around the world and you will see Newget as you know it take many other forms.

Nougat, as it is known elsewhere, is a traditional candy made with sugar or honey along with roasted nuts and dried fruits. You can find white nougat (made with egg whites) which has a softer texture, and brown nougat (made with caramelized sugar) which is often firm and crunchy.

No matter where your travels take you, you can find some type of nougat. In France, patisseries and candy shops display mountains of different types of nougat in all shapes, sizes and flavour combinations. In Spain, nougat is called turron and in Italy, nougat takes the name torrone and is often laced with vanilla or citrus and is sandwiched between two layers of rice paper. Australia, Germany, Persia, Iran and many African countries also have their own versions of nougat.

So what makes our Newget different? Besides the love and tender care that goes into every recipe, what makes Newget different is that it is made with a chocolate base. Most other nougats get their texture and sweetness from sugar, honey or corn syrup. We use the finest dark, milk and white chocolate as the base for the flavours we create.

So the next time you travel, look for their local version of nougat. While I’m sure you will enjoy your adventurous treat, I hope you will come home loving your chocolate Newget even more. This might be one instance where a rose by any other name does not taste as sweet!