Newget loves science…

Newget loves science, and exercise, but mostly chocolate!

Have you ever wondered what Newget’s best selling flavour is? It’s definitely our Dark Chocolate Classic. It’s highly addictive, but that’s not at all a bad thing.

Chocolate makes us happy, and not only because it’s tasty. It contains stimulants in it that make us feel good and relaxed. And in moderate quantities, chocolate can be good for our overall health. The darker the chocolate the better! Dark chocolate can help soothe a headache, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, and decrease risk of heart attack or stroke.. Science says so!

You know what else can make you happy and keep you healthy?

Leading an active life, and balancing the treats and indulgences in your life with some healthy exercise!

Now, exercise can be considered an evil endeavour, but it really doesn’t have to be boring. You don’t need to slave over a cross-trainer or treadmill at the gym to work on your fitness; you can actually do things that are FUN. Exercise is better when you have fun doing it, ‘cause if it’s fun, you’ll probably want to do it again.

Michelle, our Chief Newget Artisan and Mother of Newget, comes from a background in Kinesiology. Kinesiology is the science of human movement. And we don’t just mean the human movement of raising a wineglass hand to mouth. It’s includes supporting people in creating fitness programs, injury management and rehabilitation, ergonomics, coaching and health promotion.

The rest of the Newget crew isn’t a group of slouches either; we’re also fun loving and active people. Sure, we all enjoy product testing for quality assurance, but we are also are avid runners, hikers, golfers, swimmers and overall fitness enthusiasts! We haven’t just been spending our summer eating s’mores and drinking wine (though great times have certainly been had with both those activities)! We’ve also been taking part in:


Fun runs:

20130819-215421.jpg 20130819-215908.jpg

Hiking in the California mountains:




and Waterskiing at the lake:


Balance is important to us at The Newget Kompany. Life is about enjoying the finer things in life, but also about taking part in the extra bits to balance out the indulging.

A healthy and active life is its own sweet reward, but you can always treat yourself with Newget if you’re feeling decadent.

Love, Newget




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