Meet Michelle Tobias-Pawl, Chief Newget Artisan

What is your background and how does it help you in making and selling Newget?

I have always had a keen interest in food, how it’s produced and just eating in general. I have been surrounded by amazing chefs all my life. My mom was an extraordinary cook, who could make a simple dish taste amazing. She was also very talented in the baking department and would always have something delicious on hand to serve. My in-laws (to many to name) are also fabulous cooks, and I get a lot of inspiration from them. Now, it might seem odd, but my background is actually in kinesiology and business. This means a healthy lifestyle is important to me, but I also believe that it is key to balance eating right with having fun and splurging on indulgent treats that bring a smile to my face and my belly. When Newget came along, I thought, this might be kinda fun. It felt very natural to be entrepreneurial and start The Newget Kompany as my dad had his own business when I was a kid and I grew up around his entrepreneurial mind. The rest has been fun history.

Where is Newget made and packaged?

Newget is handcrafted in our commercial kitchen by our talented culinary team. I couldn’t make Newget without them!

We already know why you decided to sell Newget, but tell us about the experience. What is the best and most challenging aspects of selling Newget?

The best part of selling Newget is watching individuals who have never tried it sample a piece and then leave with a smile on their face and a few packages in their shopping bag. It can be challenging as a small business owner to balance the various aspects of the business and life. I am lucky to have support from my team, friends and family. Without them, admittedly, it would be tough.

What is your favourite flavour? What is the most popular flavour?

Hmmmm- that’s a difficult one for me. I honestly love every flavour. My choice depends on the day. But if you forced me to choose, I would have to say my favourite flavours are Dark Chocolate Berry Blast and Xpresso. I also really like the seasonal flavours we create.

It’s difficult to say which flavour is the most popular with customers as they’re fairly close in sales. The Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Berry Blast tend to be slightly more popular due to the health benefits associated with dark chocolate.

How do you come up with and decide on new flavours?

I often get inspiration from local products and try to infuse them into Newget. “Perfect Pear” was inspired by a savoury tart that my sister-in-law made with fresh pears and rosemary. We also get inspiration from our customers and friends who share some of the flavours they would like to taste.

You sell Newget at craft shows and farmers’ markets. Do you have a memorable experience selling Newget at these events?

Each market and craft show is a great venue to meet our customers and sell our product. Probably one of my first times at the City Market Downtown, I remember hand slicing all the newget and packaging the entire product in preparation for Market day. I had no idea how people would respond and if they would even buy the product. So on Market day I got a little sale help from my sister-in-law Leanne and we had an extraordinary day. People lined up to try our product. It was a good feeling to see people respond so positively to Newget and the start of something great.

What is one thing about Newget that people don’t know?

Here is two things: we don’t use any gluten in our product, and I am fortunate to have a team of amazing people that help continue to build our product and company!