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Hip-hop, happy Easter!



Hi, our name is The Newget Kompany, and we’re obsessed with chocolate.  It’s been 56 days since our last choco-fession. The Easter Bunny is coming to town to hide all his Easter eggs in four days, and we we’re just too excited for the weekend of family, food, friends, and chocolate, to keep quiet any longer.


Chocolate Easter eggs have been around since the 19th century, and previously, Easter eggs were just regular painted eggs. Regular eggs certainly have their place at Easter – baking, deviling, decorating – but chocolate always steals the spotlight. Just like nougat, chocolate eggs originated in Germany and France, which makes Newget and chocolate Easter eggs kindred spirits! Or cousins. Either way, they’re both delicious and fun treats.


We don’t like to play favourites at The Newget Kompany, but we understand if you have a preference between white, milk, and dark chocolate. We can’t really find any substantiated data on it, but we’d hazard a guess that milk chocolate Easter bunnies are the most popular. People are probably too busy chomping on chocolate bunny ears to take a chocolate survey!


But what are the difference between the three main chocolate varieties? There is a whole spectrum of chocolate flavours depending on the balance of cocoa liquor, cocoa solids, and cocoa butter in their ingredients.


In the American chocolate industry:


Chocolate liquor is the ground or melted state of the nib of the cacao bean, containing roughly equal parts cocoa butter and solids. Cocoa butter is the fatty component of the bean. And cocoa solids are the remaining nonfat part of the cacao bean, which is ground into a powder.” -


White chocolate consists ofabout 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk solids, and 3.5% milk fat — and no more than 55% sugar or other sweeteners – and 0% cocoa liquor.


Milk chocolate is approx 10 % cocoa liquor by weight, and at least 12 % milk solids.


Sweet chocolate is made of 15% cocoa liquor, and less than 12% milk solids


And, Semi-sweet / bitter sweet chocolate is made of least 35% cocoa liquor, and less than 12% milk solids.


So what flavour of chocolate are you hoping the Easter Bunny will bring you this holiday? And will you be sharing???


How ever you choose to spend it, we hope you have a great Easter weekend filled with friends, family, food, and of course, chocolate! And, in just over a month we’ll be back outside at the City 104 Downtown Market. We’re looking forward to Spring and hope to see you out there!


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Hoppy Easter Egg hunting!

Love, Newget