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Gifting With Newget

Everyone has a holiday list that contains at least one person, possibly many.  And in all  likelihood one of these people on your list is the kind of person that is difficult to buy gifts for, and you’re often left scrambling for ideas.  This Holiday Season, the best advice The Newget Kompany can give you is to keep it simple, and thoughtful.  Most often the most treasured moments of the Holiday Season are those spent with loved ones over a bottle of wine, a fine meal, or a selection of sweet treats.

So, here is our solution for you and your gift giving woes: Give the gift of some delicious Newget this season.  With our eight delicious flavours, we have a combination to suit everyone’s favourite taste and the holiday Season is our speciality.  In addition to selling at our many retail locations, we’re attending weekend markets and gifting shows, and we’re packaging all sorts of lovely gifts for both corporate and individual clients.  We’re able to put together all sorts of beautifully ribboned baskets, boxes and wrapped treats.

And we have plenty of gifting ideas for you…

Our 50g or 100g bags of sliced Newget make for great stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts.  We even can put together larger cello bags, up to 1kg, that can be used for hostess gifts or to just have for setting out on a platter for treating guests.

We also sell our Newget in 160g bars that are great for bringing to an event or for gifting.


But, our favourite way of presenting our 100gm cello bags of Newget is in a tube, and it looks even better when doubled or tripled.  


On the other hand, if you’re in need of something larger we can put together gift baskets that incorporate some or all of these packaging options, it’s entirely customizable.  






Basically, if you have someone special you need an amazing gift for; we would love to help you out.  This is our favourite time of year at The Newget Kompany, we’re like chocolate shilling elves and we couldn’t be happier about it.  Newget was made for the Holiday Season; it stands out when paired with wine, coffee or hot chocolate, and really, truly shines when shared with friends and family.


Give the gift of Newget this Holiday Season.  Trust us, Newget is a gift that is NEVER re-gifted, is always loved, and is never, ever the wrong colour or fit.

(It does however have a tendency to disappear before it makes it to the intended recipient, so maybe buy twice as much.)

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