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Sliced Newget-glass oblong; holiday decorations4

Gifting With Newget

Everyone has a holiday list that contains at least one person, possibly many.  And in all  likelihood one of these people on your list is the kind of person that is difficult to buy gifts for, and you’re often left scrambling for ideas.  This Holiday Season, the best advice The Newget Kompany can give you [...]

Newget - 3 flavors

A Brief History of Newget

Well, we thought we’d give you a brief history of nougat!  Basically, the history of nougat is rich, old and European. Traditional nougat, or as it’s called in some parts of Europe, turron, is a confectionary made from sugar or honey, roasted nuts, egg whites and sometimes dried fruit.   Traditionally a Christmas time treat, the [...]


Newget’s Cousins Around the Globe

You know and love Newget as Newget. But leave Alberta and travel anywhere else in Canada or around the world and you will see Newget as you know it take many other forms. Nougat, as it is known elsewhere, is a traditional candy made with sugar or honey along with roasted nuts and dried fruits. [...]