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Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the gifting shows we go!!

  Newget loves the holiday season. This spectacular holiday season, the Newget team is going to be the busiest of busy bees making the rounds to various gifting shows and markets around the city. We sincerely hope you can make it out to one or two, or all! These crafting and gifting shows are a [...]

To Market, To Market!

The Edmonton City Market Downtown is back outside on Jasper and 104st starting Saturday, May 18th and we can’t wait!  This market has had a special place in The Newget Kompany’s heart since the summer of 2007. This is where Newget made its first appearance in a market setting, and this summer will mark the [...]

Wedding Blog

We’ve got Wedding Fever…

Oh joy, is that Spring in the air?  With spring comes love, and with love comes Summer and Fall weddings!   And with a wedding comes the joy of wedding planning.   You may already have plans for the perfect dress, flowers, photograph poses, decorations, cake and so on.  Or maybe you don’t know where [...]