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Let’s put the Hare in Share this March!

Easter is just a hop, skip and a jump around the corner, friends!  And that means Spring is close at hand as well.  It’s probably fair to say that we all have had enough of the winter blues and we are more than ready for Spring to bloom.  And chocolate.  We’re all ready for another excuse to stock up on chocolate, right?


Like all great holidays, Easter is surrounded by an abundance of chocolate treats and many other sweets.  But that’s not entirely what it’s all about.  Whether you celebrate Easter as a religious holiday and the conclusion of Lent, or as a festival for the coming of Spring, Easter is ripe with symbolism.  Eggs, rabbits and cute yellow chicks are cute symbols for Spring and new life, which is what Easter is essentially all about.  Historically, the egg became the symbol of Easter as it was given up for the Lent and was a plentiful treat when allowed back into the diet.  And the bunny, or hare as it originated, for obvious reasons was a symbol for fertility and prosperity.  The eggs and bunnies became chocolate in the 19th century and for the sake of the Easter egg hunt, it’s probably a very good thing to have made the change to chocolate eggs instead of real ones.


The magic spirit of the Easter Bunny isn’t just fun for little kids.  It’s also for big kids too!  Big kids like us here at The Newget Kompany.  We don’t want to just patiently wait for the Easter Bunny like everyone else.  This month we want to BE the Easter Bunny, and we want you to help us put the “hare” in “share” this month. 


We are very excited to tell you that we have an Easter Basket (worth $75) to give away.We’re on Facebook and the Twitter and we want to give an awesome gift to one of our biggest fans.  Could that be you?  If you think so, then show us your love of Newget and your love of sharing, and share Newget posts with your Facebook and Twitter friends.  And encourage them to be fans, too.  Whenever you share a post, or retweet us, you’ll be entered to win*.  Enter once, enter twice, enter a hundred times, it doesn’t matter to us!

So be quick like a bunny and hop to it, friends!

And have a very happy Easter!

Love, Newget


*Open to Canadian Residents Only. Contest closes midnight (MST) on March 22nd, 2013.


Love at first bite

Hello, friends! Welcome to the two week (or so) countdown to Valentine’s Day. Don’t let this pending heart-shaped day overwhelm you with expectations, whether they are your own or someone else’s. In fact, there are three very easy steps to succeeding at Valentine’s Day! Let The Newget Kompany show you the way.

Step 1: Be thoughtful, loving and sweet every day

Before you get carried away with the fancy bauble shopping, the frantic dinner reservations, the overly ambitious romantic recipes, let us give you the tiniest hint: the most romantic gestures are the simplest and sweetest. You know those little everyday things that don’t really seem like much at all but still catch you off guard? Like the little notes in lunch boxes, the good morning I love yous, random cuddles, and the kisses “just because”? Those little gestures make hearts swoon with love.

Step 2: Follow up that sweetness and woo your Valentine with the actual sweetness of chocolate, Newget to be exact.

Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day just isn’t Valentine’s Day without chocolate. So, guess what, Newget friends: we’ve already found the perfect treat for you and all your Valentines. It’s so simple, it’s hard to believe you didn’t think of it yourself! Newget’s favourite Valentine IS Newget, and the newest addition to our flavour roster embodies the spirit of Valentine’s gifting perfectly, in one cute little package. Or a large fancy package, whatever you prefer, we can make it happen. Salted Karamel Newget is our Valentine’s Day pick because of its dazzling sparkle and its modest sweetness. It even has that salty crackle to really light up even the blackest Valentine’s heart. It’s love at first bite. And to make it easier than ever, we have introduced online ordering. Just visit our website to shop your heart out. If there’s a special gift you are looking to create, feel free to pop us an email ( and we can work with you to make something great for your special someone!

Step 3: Get a room and enjoy, ummmm, Newget.

Valentine’s Day is for everyone, single or attached, it is a day to BE love, to GIVE love, to relish whatever love you are lucky enough to have in your life. Love for your spouse, your parents, your grandparents, your children (furry or not), your best friends, and even your troublesome siblings. So, go ahead and embrace it, enjoy it and share the Love (of Newget).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Newget


Team Newget!!

Happy New Year, Newget friends, fans and enthusiasts far and wide!  Welcome to 2013!  It’s a new year, a new chapter, a fresh white blank page ready to be filled with new adventures, milestones and dreams to be realized.

We here at The Kompany sincerely hope that you had a wonderful, warm and fun filled holiday season.  We hope you enjoyed delicious meals and delectable treats, joyful and festive libations, and plenty of lively mixin’ and minglin’ and jingle bell rockin’ with your nearest and dearests.

We all certainly did.  At least I think we all did… there’s quite a few of us here at The Newget Kompany that help out in various and fun ways, and sometimes it can be tough to keep track of all the helpers.  So this is probably the perfect time to do a rundown of our roster and introduce the team that keeps Newget alive?

Without further ado:

Michelle: The Chief Newget Artisan; creator of The Newget Kompany and full time Ambassador of all things decadent and divine.

Kim B: The Bossy one; Administrative Coordinator for invoicing and lead of packaging.  Kim is in charge of, well, bossing people around (imagine that?), though she prefers that we call it “supervising”.

Donna B: Assists with administrative tasks and packaging.  The Official Kitten Herder on our crew, Donna is an avid volunteer at the Edmonton Humane Society and regularly fosters litters of kittens in her home.

Rae P: The Creative one; assists with packaging and is full of good ideas, but mostly just writes this blog from San Francisco and occasionally moonlights on Twitter trying to be witty.

Pam: The lady in charge of the number crunching, (aka: Accounting) and when she’s not wrangling her children or the Newget’s books, she also provides back up packaging help as needed.

Erin, Emilia, Jenn M: The Sales girls; the cute and perky faces of the Newget Kompany they work the sales booths at markets and festivals selling product and wooing customers with delicious samples.

Jenn F: Communication strategy. Don’t let the reserved exterior of this prim and proper writer fool you, underneath lies the heart of a rocker chick!

Lien and Kim: The Cooks that whip up batches and batches of the delicious, but not too sweet, Newget product for us in their industrial kitchen.

Nicholas:  This curly haired whiz kid is the muscle behind the production team. Some people might call him Q-Tip, cause of the wild fro of curls, but he’s just Nicholas to us.  Assists with product slicing and packaging as needed. He no slice, we no package.

Brian P: Michelle’s sweet husband and Newget’s PA/Sherpa; Can always be counted on for encouraging loud music, tall drinks and providing plenty of delicious eats.

So there we all are, the many minions of The Newget Kompany!  Do you feel like you know us a little bit better?

Wait, there’s one more important person we can’t leave out…..

You:  The valued Newget fan, friend and enthusiast.

Here’s to resolutions of consuming more desserts yet wearing smaller pants, Cheers to the New Year, friends!

Love, Newget