Newget Online Ordering

We don’t want to be those people that start reminding you about the approach of Christmas before the Thanksgiving turkey has even been purchased. But.. It’s just 13 weeks till Christmas and we want to make sure you get your supply of Newget for all your holiday needs.

And we want to show you how easy it is to order from our online store. We have all our flavours available in individual 100 gram packages and 160 gram bars, all the way up to our gifting items of jars and double and triple tubes.

My computer is currently in pieces, but ordering from our online store is so simple and convenient, I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step demo using my Smartphone from my couch… while wearing sweatpants.


Step one: Go here:



Step two: Choose to shop by flavour or package size. Both options will lead to the same item in the end, it’s just a choice of how you wish to get there. Lets choose to shop for a medium jar of sliced Newget.
Choose a Size  Choose a Flavor

Medium Jar, Salted Karamel


Step three: The toughest part of this exercise… Pick a flavor.

I’m going to choose my favorite flavour, Salted Karamel, and when I click on it and I can either add it to a wish list or add it to my cart. (If you want to make a wish list of items you’ll need to set up an account with the site). We’re just going to add it to our cart.
Step four: either adjust the quantity of the item chosen, proceed to checkout if you’re done, or navigate back to the store to continue shopping.

Your Cart




Step five: Start the checkout process! You’ll need to enter your account details – if you are a new customer you’ll have the option of creating an account or checking out as a guest – then billing details, shipping details, and choice of shipping method.

You have the option of having the order billed and shipped to the same address, or if you like you can designate a different address for shipping and we’ll send it for you! This is great if you are sending Newget as a gift!

Our shipping rates are $10 within Edmonton, $12 for Sherwood Park/St Albert, and $15 for Spruce Grove/Stony Plain. Standard Canada Post rates apply outside of those areas.

Account Information  Almost Done!

Step six: Special instructions. Now you’re taken to the Order Confirmation section. This is where you can input special instructions for us to use when we’rOrder Confirmatione putting together your order. If it’s a gift, you can leave us a note about who it’s for and we’ll gladly pop in a topical note for your special someone.

Step seven: Proceed to payment. We take payments via Paypal, but you don’t need to have a Paypal account, you can opt to pay with your credit card directly.
PayPal vs CC

Step six: Wait for your parcel to arrive!

So no matter if you’re ordering for yourself or for a personal gift or for Corporate gifting, our online ordering is a breeze.

Love, Newget


Newget loves science…

Newget loves science, and exercise, but mostly chocolate!

Have you ever wondered what Newget’s best selling flavour is? It’s definitely our Dark Chocolate Classic. It’s highly addictive, but that’s not at all a bad thing.

Chocolate makes us happy, and not only because it’s tasty. It contains stimulants in it that make us feel good and relaxed. And in moderate quantities, chocolate can be good for our overall health. The darker the chocolate the better! Dark chocolate can help soothe a headache, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, and decrease risk of heart attack or stroke.. Science says so!

You know what else can make you happy and keep you healthy?

Leading an active life, and balancing the treats and indulgences in your life with some healthy exercise!

Now, exercise can be considered an evil endeavour, but it really doesn’t have to be boring. You don’t need to slave over a cross-trainer or treadmill at the gym to work on your fitness; you can actually do things that are FUN. Exercise is better when you have fun doing it, ‘cause if it’s fun, you’ll probably want to do it again.

Michelle, our Chief Newget Artisan and Mother of Newget, comes from a background in Kinesiology. Kinesiology is the science of human movement. And we don’t just mean the human movement of raising a wineglass hand to mouth. It’s includes supporting people in creating fitness programs, injury management and rehabilitation, ergonomics, coaching and health promotion.

The rest of the Newget crew isn’t a group of slouches either; we’re also fun loving and active people. Sure, we all enjoy product testing for quality assurance, but we are also are avid runners, hikers, golfers, swimmers and overall fitness enthusiasts! We haven’t just been spending our summer eating s’mores and drinking wine (though great times have certainly been had with both those activities)! We’ve also been taking part in:


Fun runs:

20130819-215421.jpg 20130819-215908.jpg

Hiking in the California mountains:




and Waterskiing at the lake:


Balance is important to us at The Newget Kompany. Life is about enjoying the finer things in life, but also about taking part in the extra bits to balance out the indulging.

A healthy and active life is its own sweet reward, but you can always treat yourself with Newget if you’re feeling decadent.

Love, Newget




Newget Smores

And then S’more wine happened…

Happy July, Friends!

We hope you’re making excellent use of your BBQ this summer and are grilling up some delicious meals with things like burgers or ribs or steaks, or all of the above at the same time!  And also grilled vegetables, of course, but the star of the BBQ is always the protein.  So we hope you’re having a great summer.

You might be expecting this to be another blog entry where we tell you of yet another inventive way to use Newget.  That does tend to be our shtick around these parts, but we really can’t help it if the ideas just come to us so naturally!  Not that chocolate consumption really requires excuses, its health benefits are backed up by science, and you just cannot argue with science.  But that’s a topic for next month’s blog, stay tuned!  Kim - VP of Getting Sh*t Done

Anyways, this month we were aiming for a camping themed blog, so our lovely VP of Bossing People Around headed off to Kananaskis for some camping and Newget research over the July long weekend.   We sent her with some bars of Newget and we told her she wasn’t allowed to come back to the city until she came up with a camping idea for Newget.

And what’s the best usage of chocolate around the camp fire?  S’mores!!

It was a great idea, except our VP of BPA came back to the city without any tangible data on this S’more experiment, because, in her words, “well, wine happened.”

Camping with NewgetI think we should all cut her some slack here.  We’ve all been there.  In fact your friendly neighbourhood blogger experienced that herself this month as well.  Why else do you think this blog is late?

But luckily, bright ideas prevailed and we ingeniously recreated the delicious scene here in the city, over the backyard BBQ.  So whether you’re cooking over an open fire or over the grill, Newget S’mores can easily be had in seconds!   All you need are some slices of your favourite Newget flavour, some graham crackers and marshmallow roasting skills.Newget S'Mores!!!

So happy grilling and camping, friends!

Love, Newget