Don't you already feel your stress disappearing?

It Twas a Berry Blast Easter!

Happy Eater – I mean – Eater long weekend, friends!


Easter Trivia!: Did you know that Dark Berry Blast Newget is the Easter Bunny’s favourite chocolate?

We hope you have some Newget around this weekend. Not only for the Easter Bunny, but also for you! Because, let’s face it, family holidays can be stressful. With big dinner plans, lots of guests, family socializing, and all that candy the “Easter Bunny” left for your kids laying around, stress snacking temptation is high.

But don’t give in to those kid-friendly sugary treats! No one has ever told a tale of snacking on a yellow Peep and feeling their stresses melt away. Admit it, what you really want is chewy, rich, heavenly chocolate. Of course, we at TNK recommend indulging in rich, chewy and sweet (but not too sweet) Dark Berry Blast Newget, the world’s tastiest stress reliever.

If you didn’t make it out to the Make It show this past weekend, you can check out our retail partners, or order online! It’s quick, easy and painless.  Click here to learn how!


Don't you already feel your stress disappearing?

Don’t you already feel your stress disappearing?


Do you like green eggs and ham?”

We also had a cute idea for a healthier Easter pre-dinner snack (also known as an appetizer) for your guests to indulge on while waiting for the big ham feast. Surely you’ve seen the guacamole deviled eggs on Pinterest? How about some green eggs to go with that ham you’re serving? So save those decorated hard boiled eggs and use them to make guacamole deviled eggs.

What’s not to love about this snack? Low carb, protein and healthy fats rich, plus, they are all kinds of delicious.


Deviled Green Egg


  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Guacamole
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Paprika

These are super delicious, but also very easy to make. The only difference from the original deviled egg recipe is that you mix in some guacamole (to taste) into the mashed up yokes. And garnish with a dash of paprika and/or a cilantro leaf.

I like green eggs and ham!

I do!! I like them, Sam-I-am!”

We sincerely hope you enjoy some good food, good wine, good family and, of course, delicious Newget this Easter weekend. Wishing you and your loved ones the Happiest of Easters!

Love, Newget


Dark Chocolate beginnings

Newget hits Prime Time TV!

2014 is creating some big fabulous shoes for 2015 to fill. Firstly, we made The Tomato’s list of 100 Best Things to Eat or Drink in Edmonton again this year, and we jumped from spot #70 last year to #35 this year. Your love and support means the world to us.


To paraphrase Sally Field, “You like us, you really, really like us!”


There are so many amazing items on this list, and we’re incredibly honoured to be amongst them. If you’re still looking for a resolution for the year, we totally suggest dining and drinking your way through the best of what Edmonton has to offer. Your pallet will thank you. And so will our fellow local businesses.

Make sure you check this list out, and check off as many delicious things as you can:
The Second Annual Tomato Top 100 Best Things to Eat or Drink in Edmonton.


Newget is truly a labour of love – have you SEEN the bulging pipes on our cooks from stirring those pots of molten Newget goodness? No? Well then it’s a lucky thing that another amazing thing that’s happened this year is EATS Edmonton Places & Plates calling and wanting to do a story on Newget. And as camera shy as our Chief of Staff is, Michelle just could not say no. This Telus TV series, directed and produced by local filmmaker Kevin Kowossan, is widely seen by Telus TV subscribers and the segments have been actively shared on YouTube. Just like this blog, the EATS video as another way to tell the Newget story, and share with our fans a little behind the scenes action on how Newget is made.

Watch. Share the video with your friends. Let me know what you think. And as always, thank you for your continued support.

[Click here if the video doesn’t show up (we all get shy)]

We’d also like to give a quick shout out to our great friend, Brad Smoliak, who runs Kitchen by Brad, where we filmed our TV debut. We’ve used his fabulous culinary studio for whipping up batches of our delicious treats in the past, and we can’t say enough about the space. And, guess what?!  It’s available for events!  If you’re looking for a different kind of space – be it for a corporate or private parties, individual and group cooking classes, catered meetings - check it out.  We give Kitchen by Brad the Newget stamp of approval… which may or may not be a chocolate finger print.


As always,
Love, Newget





Hot pink Valentine's.

This Valentine’s day, let’s fall in chocolate.

It’s been a while, crocodiles. Happy belated New Years!

We took a little breather at the end of the 2013 Holiday season to catch our breath and detangle the ribbon bits and stickers from our hair, but now we’re excited to get back to the Newget business.  This may be our first blog post of 2014, but we’re not going to talk about resolutions this time.  Who needs a resolution when you’ve got the capability to make good choices?  So make good choices about the chocolate you choose to eat!

Friends don’t let friends eat bad chocolate.

2013 was a terrific year for the Newget Kompany as it was our busiest year to date, and we really worked on spreading our market reach.  Many, many, many Newget treats were enjoyed by the masses in 2013 and we want 2014 to be bigger!  We met so many new friends and fans on our record holiday tour of markets and gifting shows and our on-line store expanded to ship all across Canada.  Isn’t that exciting?  You can now super easily order a gift for your Mother-in-law in Nova Scotia from the comfort of your couch and we’ll take care of the details for you.  We’re super nice like that.

Our social media outlets exploded in visitors too.  We gained many new Twitter and Facebook followers, and we’re always looking for more people to share the gospel of Newget with.  We’ve got big e-hopes for 2014.  For example, speaking of our on-line store… wouldn’t it be great if our on-line store expanded to ship to the US, too?  (The answer is yes, it would be awesome! At least then your friendly neighbourhood blogger wouldn’t have to suffer such long States based Newget withdrawls.)

And now it’s that’s heart-shaped month called February.  The month of L-O-V-E.  We want to help you out with that; The Newget Kompany was made for Valentine’s Day!  I know we say this about every holiday, but this time we actually have proof.  Newget and love go together like hot fudge and ice cream sundaes– delicious on their own, but oh so much better together.  The cherry on our love sundae is the time we got to be a matchmaker for one of our very own Newgeteers.  We got a front row seat to a love story that started not with a trite “Once Upon a Time” but with a wonderful “Once Upon a Newget”.  Long story short – One of our adorable sales girls met her beau at one of our Market events last year.  It’s pretty much a lovely modern tale of: she offered him a sample of Newget and he offered her his phone number.  Now that’s the power of Newget! So share Newget, you just never know what kind of love connection you’re gonna get.

Love happens.  And if not love, then chocolate.  Chocolate always happens.  We’re always overjoyed to be there for you in your time of chocolate need.  Again, we’re super nice like that.


Love, Newget