Happy Birthday, Canada!

Happy 147th birthday, Canada! Cheers to another year of maple syrup, hockey, poutine, toques, Canadian bacon, and all the Tim Hortons double-doubles you can drink!

What’s happening with Newget this July is that we’re going to be part of the Foodie Pages July Chef’s Box, curated by Canadian Chef Nick McGregor! What better way to celebrate Canada this month then to sign up for a Foodie Pages Chef’s Box subscription full of Canadian artisan foods?!

Foodie Pages: “The CHEF’S BOX™ Subscription is a monthly subscription service that delivers unique and hard-to-find gourmet foods to your door, curated by a top Canadian chef.”

July Chef's Box


Newget loves summer, and summer loves Newget back. What Newget loves most about summer is the Downtown 104st Farmers Market. Did you know that there has been a market in downtown Edmonton since 1903, when the Rice Street Market was established in the spot that the downtown public library currently occupies? Farmer’s Markets have been around as long as Farmers have been growing carrots, peas, and potatoes!

And how did the Market make it’s way to it’s current location of 104st?

From the City Market Downtown‘s webpage: In the mid-1960s, the City Market Downtown had to relocate to 97th St to make way for the construction of the city library. In 2004, the City Market Downtown moved outdoors to 104th Street. And, In Fall 2011, the City Market Downtown became year round by moving indoors inside City Hall in the winter months and back out on 104th Street in the spring.”

Edmonton’s Downtown 104st Market is certainly not the oldest Farmers Market in the world, and it’s definitely not just OUR favorite. All us Edmontonians know that the City 104 st Market Downtown is the best around, but it was still nice to see it get some global recognition when it was named Best Farmers Market in 2013 by National Geographic Traveler!

Newget’s July appearances at the best farmers market in the world are: July 5, July 12, July 19, July 26.

Be there or be square!


Are you in need of something to do this month.. You know we always have suggestions! Edmonton is a great place to be in the summer.. Anyone from Edmonton knows that we suffer through endless months of dreary and blustery, cold winter for a few blissful months of long, hot summer days, and more festivals than you can shake a stick at. #yeg isn’t called festival city for nothing!

July 4 – July 13 is the Edmonton Street Performers festival, which is always a fun time.

Also running July 4 – July 13 is Sand on Whyte, a sand castle carving exhibit. Maybe you can pick up a few ideas for the next time you’re playing in the sand at the beach?

Three amazing sand carving artists will create an exhibit with 20 cubic yards of sand. The award-winning artists creating this year’s beautiful pieces will be Delayne Corbett from Vancouver, Sandis Kondrats from Latvia and Bert Adams from Portland.”

But, what could very well be the highlight of your summer is the July 4th Bacon fest. Yes, a festival celebrating bacon. Need we say more?!!

There you have it, no more excuses to be bored this July!

Soooo, we’ll see you every Saturday at the Downtown Market this month, right??!

Happy July, friends!

Love, Newget



Cheers to Father’s Day!

Here’s a simple Father’s Day tip, friends:

Dads + Beer + Newget = Happy Father’s Day!!

This coming Sunday, June 15th, we say ‘Thanks, Dad!”

Thanks for all the sage wisdom. For teaching us how to change our oil, put together a BBQ and build a deck. For always answering “20 minutes” when asked “are we there yet?” For banishing the boogeyman and showing us the value of hard work.  For teaching us how to tie knots, build fires and get over our fear of heights. For always helping us move. For teaching us to drive and helping fix our cars. For all the bad puns. Even for teaching us the “pull my finger” joke…

We salute Dads this Month! And especially also all those single Moms pulling double duty!

Here are some thoughts from two of our own on their dear old Dads..

Michelle Tobias-Pawl, Chief Newget Artisan:

My Dad is someone whom I have always looked up to. He was young kid living in Poland when World War II broke out, which was a very challenging time for him and his family. Little money, no food, they had to find ways to survive in very difficult times.  Eventually, he and his family fled to Siberia for a number of years till the war ended.  After which he and family returned back to Poland and reestablished their lives.  Eventually, my Dad came to Canada, and like so many then and today, started with nothing and created an amazing life for himself and his family. His entrepreneurial spirit is one of the things that stands out the most for me about my Dad.  He’s been resourceful and created a career with limited resources, but has and continues to have tremendous drive, tenacity and integrity.  

Donna Belrose, Administrative Assistant (aka: resident kitten herder):

The biggest thing I remember about my dad is that he was the kindest man I have ever known. I don’t remember him every saying a bad thing about anyone and he was always willing to help a neighbor or a friend. The other special thing about my dad was how he loved my mother – till his dying breath. I will always miss them both.

Happy Father’s Day, Dads, Step Dads, Grandpas, and single Moms!!  We love you all.



Newget loves furry friends.

Each year at The Newget Kompany we try to identify the charities close the hearts of our team. There are so many great causes out there and we’d like to contribute in the best way that we can. One of our Team Members, Donna, is an awesome Foster Mom for kittens at the Edmonton Humane Society. All of us at TNK love our furry friends, but this non-profit is especially close to Donna’s heart. Her Foster Parent group hosted a garage sale recently, with all proceeds going to The Injured Animal Fund of the Humane Society, and Newget was happy to be able to contribute to this furry cause.

The Foster Program is one of many volunteer programs run by the Society.  The Foster Program provides a temporary home for animals who need extra attention and care before they are placed for adoption. They may need nurturing because they are too young to go onto the adoption floor, be injured or sick and need a home for rehabilitation, or they may have behavior problems and would benefit from socialization with a family – moms/kittens, adult cats and dogs recovering from illness or surgery or who need time with people (socialization), puppies, bunnies, mama bunnies/baby bunnes, guinea pigs, hamsters, bearded dragons.  People who are interested in fostering can put in an application to the Edmonton Humane Society and they must show a commitment that their foster animal will be in their care until it is ready to be placed for adoption. The EHS will provide all food, supplies and necessary medical care for your foster animal.

Cute Foster Kittens, all found their furever home.

Cute Foster Kittens, all found their furever home.

Speaking of furry friends.. In a couple weekends is EHS’s annual Pets in the Park event!

June 22, 2014, 9 am – 4 pm, in Hawrelak Park.

Bring your pets to the park and have fun with the whole family! Events include a 2.5km fun walk and a 5km fun run, pet microchipping, pet behavior and training, a canine carnival where you can test your dogs skills, sheep herding demonstrations, dog agility demonstrations, a Silent Auction.. and much more!

Unfortunately there doesn’t look like there will be Cat Herding lessons offered.. But, um, maybe next year?


Whatever you get up to this month, we hope you have a great June! Spring has sprung and Summer is moments away. We’re going to be at the Downtown 104th St market on June 28th, we hope to see you there!

Love, Newget



Newget <3′s Mom

This blog is brought to you by the letter M.

M is for May.  And M is especially
for Mother’s Day!

“A Mother is she who can take the place of all others, but who’s place no one else can take.”

We are honored to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to you, your Mom, our Moms, and all the step moms and grand moms everywhere!

Newget loves Moms, and Moms love Newget! We’re a match made sweet chocolatey heaven. And because we know how special your Mom is, we’d love to help you out with creating a special gift for her. You can shop our online store or email us at info@newget.ca for a custom gifts!

Also this Sunday, May 4, at 3pm, we’re going to be at the Mother of all second hand sales! The Riverbend Swap “outgrown it sale!” Come by to see us, we’d love to chat to you about gift ideas for that special, one of a kind, irreplaceable, lady.

From our Mothers to yours, Happy Mother’s Day!


Love, Newget