The Newget Kompany & Make It gifting show, what a *Perfect Pear* we are!



This coming weekend is the Make It, The Handmade Revolution gift show at the Enjoy Centre in St Albert, and not only is The Newget Kompany going to be there with our Christmas bells on, but we’re bringing some great friends, too.

Since they were so popular last year – and who can blame them, they’re super adorable – we’re bringing back the Gingies! Gingies are pottery spoon/teabag rests that were handcrafted by a local Potter, and they make for a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Come and get ‘em while they last!





We’re also going to be bringing out Perfect Pear Newget for a brief comeback as our Seasonal flavour this year.  With its festive blend of white chocolate, pistachios, almonds, dried pear, and rosemary, Perfect Pear is nothing less than the *perfect* treat for this holiday season.  We’ll have plenty of PP available for sale all weekend, but it’s only going to be here for a short while, so don’t miss out!




The Make It gift show will be running Thursday (10am – 9pm), Friday (10am – 9pm), Saturday (10am – 6pm), and Sunday (11am – 5pm), at the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert. Click and save this flyer on your smartphone or print it out to save a dollar off admission.




We hope to see you this weekend!

Love, Newget




‘Xpresso’ Your School Spirit with Newget!

Parents, Teachers, and Coaches!

Are you looking to do some fundraising for your team or school? Show a ‘berry blast’ of fundraising support for your school or club with the help of The Newget Kompany. Gone are the days of selling plain jane chocolate covered almonds to raise funds!

Well, I guess technically we’re still proposing the sale of chocolate covered almonds, but we like to think that with Newget we’re giving the old standard a much needed make-over. A sophistication-over, perhaps?

In the past, The Newget Kompany has been involved with fundraising with our ‘pet’ charity – the Edmonton Humane Society Foster Program – with much delicious success. And we’d love to work with you, too!

With Newget, kids under 18 can fundraise by purchasing Newget at a discount and reselling at our current market prices.  No minimum orders required!  Large teams and small teams, we’d love to help you out!  We have a package of info we share with the team coach or board about our product, process etc.

Newget is a sweet and delicious way to help raise money for your cause!


It’s never too early to start thinking of ideas for Corporate gifts for the holiday season. From the small stocking stuffers to the big bountiful baskets, we can make up all sorts of arrangements and gifting boxes for any type of affair.




Thanksgiving is right around the corner and not only does Newget make for an always appreciated hostess gift, but it’s also a sweet and simple dessert! So make sure you’ve got some on hand for guests this Thanksgiving… and for yourself, too, of course. We’ll be at the City 104 farmers market on October 4th and 11th! Make sure you come by and stock up on your favourite Newget flavours!

If you want to chat with us about any of these ideas, please get in touch! Email us at or call us at 1-780-995-1115.

As always..

Love, Newget



Newget BBQ

Just s’more ideas for the end of summer.

Not only is there still PLENTY of time for more BBQ’s, but there are also some big events still to come this August in the Edmonton area – Folk Fest, the Fringe Festival, and plenty more. Know what all those events and backyard BBQ’s have in common?

They are all in need of accompanying snacks!

Enter five delicious ways to use Newget this August..


1) Newget trail mix.

Just add your favourite fruits and nuts with some chopped up bits of your favourite Newget flavour. Easy-peasy! This would make for a great hiking snack, or even bring it along with you to the Folk Fest weekend.


Newget trail mix

2) Newget cookies! 

Not too long ago one of our lovely Newget peeps experimented with some Newget 3 Pepper Zinger crumbles & a basic Brown Sugar Recipe.. The the result was a delicious Three-Pepper Zinger Newget cookie with great texture & a little bit of zing & zap in the flavor.


Zinger cookies

Brown Sugar/3-Pepper Zinger Newget Crumble Cookies

1 cup softened margarine or butter

1 1/3 cup dark brown sugar, packed

2 large eggs

½ tsp vanilla

¾ cup 3-Pepper Zinger Newget Crumbles

Beat butter and sugar until creamy. Add the eggs, one at a time. Add vanilla and Newget Crumbles. Mix well.

3 ¼ cups flour

1 ¼ tsp baking soda

¾ tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp salt

Gradually stir the dry ingredients into the wet. Cream well (I used the beaters for every addition of dry ingredients.) Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray. Roll generous balls of dough in your hands and place evenly on a cookie sheet. 375 degree oven for approx 12-14 minutes.

Makes over 3 dozen cookies. Newget crumbles are available from The Newget Kompany.

3) Add a delicious and refreshing Newget/cheese/fruit platter to your next BBQ.


Slice up some delicious cheeses, and serve with some yummy fresh fruit and Newget. There are so many delcious ways to serve this, you just can’t go wrong.


Newget & fruit platter


4) Have your own night of wine pairing!


Wine and chocolate make a great combo, there is really no way to go wrong with matching, so have fun with experimenting! One of our favourite combos is a mini chocolate dessert: 85% dark chocolate drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt & paired with a dessert port. Heavenly!


Mini chocolate wine pairing


5) Bring s’more fun to your next camping trip or backyard fire pit with, you guessed it, Newget s’mores.


So many delicious combinations for this one! At least as far as we can imagine.. We haven’t found time to test them all…


Newget S'mores


There you have it, five ways to spice up your August events!

If — I mean — WHEN you need to stock up on more Newget, our upcoming market dates in August are: August 9th & 16th. See you there!

Have a great August, friends!

Love, Newget