Will you be our Newgetine?

Valentine’s Day gets a lot of flack for being an over the top, consumer driven, sappy mess. But we shouldn’t be so cynical, there’s a lot of history behind this day of celebrating love.

St Valentine’s Day was named for a martyred saint in the third century. There were actually a few saints with the name Valentine that died on February 14th, but the most popular story is of the martyr that was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry. There are also some that like to draw a connection between Valentine’s Day and an ancient Roman fertility festival – Lupercalia – that would also occur in the middle of February. But that ancient festival was about sacrifice, not romance. Romance wasn’t associated with Valentine’s Day until the 14th century, when a poet – most likely Chaucer – wrote about birds mating on Valentine’s Day. Letters and poems were exchanged between lovers over the years until the practice became so popular that printers started producing ‘mechanical valentine’s', and in the 19th century they were created in factories. It goes without saying that with the introduction of the mass produced card, fewer and fewer personally hand written valentines filled with poems and love notes were exchanged.

So with that in mind, we have a great suggestion for how you can win some extra points this Valentine’s Day! Skip the canned cards and pick up a blank card instead, or a piece of nice note paper, and write out your own poem or sweet note of love for your spouse, your lover, or your very best friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a poet. It matters more that you took the time and put forth the thought, than how fancy your words are.

And don’t forget the chocolate. Endearing and clumsily written love notes are always best accompanied by chocolate. Specifically Newget. To help you out, we’re throwing two specials on our online store for the whole month of February.

Special 1: Four bars for the price of three. Promo code – BARSPECIAL
*If you select three of the same bar, an extra one will be automatically added to your cart. If you mix and match four different bars, you’ll need to input the promo code at the Order Confirmation stage.

Special 2: 10% off your whole order. Promo code – LOVENEWGET

Our online store is easy to find:

Now you can get sweet treats for all the fabulous loves in your life, and not even have to leave the comfort of your home. We can even ship your gift directly to your intended recipient, with a note or without a note for an added Secret Admirer mystery..

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, The Newget Kompany wishes you much love and friendship! You’ll always be The Newget Kompany’s favourite valentine!

Love, Newget


To Gift & To Serve!


Between all the office potlucks, festive dinner parties, and get togethers just because, December is holiday party central. It can get pretty hectic and overwhelming very quickly.

But don’t stress! Here are some quick and easy ideas from Team Newget!

Hostess gifts!

Bars, Jars, and luxury cars… All are wonderful and luxurious gifts to bring to the host/hostess of the next Holiday party you attend to say “Thanks for sharing your home!”. Maybe only two of those options are really appropriate, so we strongly suggest you keep it simple with some tasteful Newget. Sliced Newget is the easiest to snack on, but we have many other options with more panache and ribbon to create something special and memorable .

Pro Tip:  Ribbon makes every gift more fancy.



Treats to Serve!

Whether you’re having guests over yourself or you need a tasty treat to bring into the office, Newget is always a festive guest to bring along. Some sliced Newget will really settle in sweetly amongst the many other delicious treats. Serve it on its own, or alongside some sliced cheese and fruit. Easy-peasy!

Newget & fruit platter



Now, didn’t that all sound like something you could put together with your eyes closed, and your hands tangled in wrapping paper & scotch tape?  Yes, yes it did.

If you need any other ideas, or supplies of Newget, we’ll be at the Downtown Farmer’s Market this Saturday at City Hall, from 9am to 3pm. So come by and pick up some of your favourite flavours of Newget, for gifting or for snacking!

And don’t forget our seasonal flavour, Perfect Pear, is only available until the end of the year!  We think it’s the perfect blend of white chocolate, pistachios, almonds, dried pear, and rosemary.



See you this weekend!

Love, Newget


Newget’s Guide to a Tube-tacular Christmas Gifting!

The Newget tube is definitely one of our favourite ways of gifting for the holiday season. Its great because not only does it look beautiful, but the tube adds an extra layer of protection to prevent you from you snacking on the Newget before it gets to its intended recipient! We know how irresistible Newget can be, so no judgments from us!

If you’re not sure how many tubes you need for a particular gift, here is our handy Tube-tacular Gifting Guide:

One Tube of delicious Newget…

A single tube is a great addition for your stocking stuffers or gift add ons. They also make for great gifts for acquaintances, or whomever you want to give a $10 gift of Newget! Great for your kid’s teachers, coaches, tutors or bus drivers.



Or Two Tubes of delicious Newget…

For a Secret Santa gift.

For your hairdresser or massage therapist.

For a hostess gift.

Or for when you can’t decide between two flavours – when in doubt, double up!



Or Three Tubes of delicious Newget…

For that special co-worker, your boss or mother-in-law.

For that certain someone on your list who has everything.

For when you can’t decide between three flavours for a single tube or a double tube…When in doubt triple up!



And finally, our most festive arrangement… The Newget Tree!

A Newget Tree of five or six tubes of Newget is certainly a gift that stands on its own.


O Newget Tree! O Newget Tree!

Much pleasure thou can’st give me;

O Newget Tree! O Newget Tree!

Much pleasure thou can’st give me;

How often has the Newget tree

Afforded me the greatest glee!

O Newget Tree! O Newget Tree!

Much pleasure thou can’st give me.


We may have said “finally”, but The Newget Tree certainly isn’t the only way we can put these tubes together for you. We can pretty much do anything you want with these tubes! Each tube is $10, so as many tubes as you want, in as many configuration as you can think of, we can create it for you.

We hope you have a Tube-tacular holiday season!

Upcoming Newget Market Appearances:  Edmonton Downtown Farmer’s Market in City Hall this Saturday, November 29th, 9-3, Silver Bells Christmas Market 10-5 (104 Festival Way, Sherwood Park), and Santa’s Little Helper 10-4 pm ( River Cree Resort and Casino)

So come by and talk to us about your gifting needs!

Love, Newget