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Happy Birthday, Canada!

Happy 147th birthday, Canada! Cheers to another year of maple syrup, hockey, poutine, toques, Canadian bacon, and all the Tim Hortons double-doubles you can drink! What’s happening with Newget this July is that we’re going to be part of the Foodie Pages July Chef’s Box, curated by Canadian Chef Nick McGregor! What better way to celebrate [...]


Cheers to Father’s Day!

Here’s a simple Father’s Day tip, friends: Dads + Beer + Newget = Happy Father’s Day!! This coming Sunday, June 15th, we say ‘Thanks, Dad!” Thanks for all the sage wisdom. For teaching us how to change our oil, put together a BBQ and build a deck. For always answering “20 minutes” when asked “are [...]


Newget <3′s Mom

This blog is brought to you by the letter M. M is for May.  And M is especially for Mother’s Day! “A Mother is she who can take the place of all others, but who’s place no one else can take.” We are honored to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to you, your Mom, our [...]