Newget is your perfect indulgence.

Handmade in Edmonton, Alberta, Newget is crafted with quality chocolate, roasted nuts, berries and other clever ingredients. So good and so addictive.


100g and 50g bags-salted karamel, dark berry blast, xpresso

I started The Newget Kompany after attending a friend’s wedding. Something similar to Newget was served at the wedding, to the delight of the guests. The taste was heavenly chocolate, creamy, chewy, a little nutty. Pure decadence. My casual encounter with this treat was not enough. I wanted more.

I tasted, teased, tested, and tried until I found a way to make Newget all my own.

Once I had my Newget, I wanted to share the pleasure with everyone. Holiday gifts of Newget graced the tables and trees of loved ones, family and friends. But it still wasn’t enough. Everyone wanted more.

Friends and family demanded that Newget was just too good to only pull out at the holidays. Newget for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mondays, any day. After careful thought, I decided that there would be Newget for everyone. Anytime, anywhere.

So how does the story end? Just like a choose-your-own-adventure-novel, Newget and I are still charting our path. I created The Newget Kompany to give this chocolaty wonder its proper introduction to the world. Our plan? To share Newget goodness as far and wide as we can imagine. Our start was destiny. The next steps can only be equally as great.

Take a bite of Newget (or more likely two) and play a part in our next chapter. I hope you enjoy Newget as much as I enjoying bringing it to you.

Michelle Tobias-Pawl
Chief Newget Artisan